Remember Sitting on the Front Porch?

Porches Bring Memories of Gracious Bygone Days

In the days before air conditioning, people kept cool on the front porch. Vines or a tree provided extra shade. Swinging on the porch swing created a breeze and a cardboard fan helped too.

Great Grandma Gail and Shay

Gail Lee Martin enjoys the shade of her front porch with great-granddaughter, Shay.

Let’s bring back the front porch. For many years it was considered old-fashioned, but creating an appealing outdoor living space makes the house look inviting.

Families can disconnect from the television and computer to spend some quality time relaxing together on the front porch.

I love seeing a front porch with the ceiling painted sky blue. That gives a cool feeling too.

Ideas for Furnishing Your Front Porch

Add an outdoor rug. Group the wicker furniture around an outdoor carpet. It will look great!

The front porch gives you a place to decorate for holidays from patriotic ones to seasonal holidays like Halloween. The tradition of decorating the front porch for the 4th of July goes back for generations. Deck yours with plenty of red, white and blue with stars, stripes and Uncle Sam too.


Relax on a front porch this summer

Think of summer days, glasses of lemonade and a porch swing. Here’s what you can do on that front porch:

Rock gently in the porch swing while reading a book.

Sit out at the end of the day, watching the sunset.

Play cards or a board game on the porch on a rainy day.

Watch the people go by. Greet the neighbors and get to know them.

Sit and talk.

Don’t you think it’s time to bring the front porch back into fashion?

2015-06-19 014

I love some red, white, and blue bunting for the 4th of July.

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