Moving Back to Town

Gail Lee Martin’s memories of places they lived. 

We moved back into town in the year Owen went into the Army, 1968, I think, because Clyde was working away from home and it was hard for us girls to keep the wood fire burning, the car running, and keep the pump for the well from freezing in the winter.Owen_Martin_Acting_Sgt_Advanced_Training_Combat_Engineering_Ft_

We moved to 211 North Emporia. When the owner Mrs. Dillenbeck got divorced and moved back home, we then found a house on State Street, just north of the Kentucky Fried Chicken place.

At that house, we had Larry and Cindy’s wedding in our home in 1969. When Owen came home in 1970, the house still wasn’t big enough, even with Cindy and Susan married and Ginger at the Teacher’s College in Emporia.


Cynthia Martin and Larry Ross celebrate their wedding with a cup of punch.

A note from Gail’s daughter, Ginger: You can see from this memory piece, that Gail and Clyde’s children were growing up. 1968 through the early seventies included military service (the Vietnam War era), college, and marriage. Their daughter, Shannon was the only child still at home until Owen returned from the service.


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