Jog your memories

In 2007, Gail made a list of topics that would serve as inspiration for future stories. She posted the list to the Our Echo website. She hoped that it would get others on the site to write on the subjects as well.

Here’s the comment that I put on her list, “I look forward to seeing detailed stories and memories on each of these topics. How about adding some writings on:
favorite pets
weekly visits to town
getting dishes as premiums at the movies
visits from the Stanley Brush man
getting your first television
starting school
Now, these are triggering some memories that I need to put on paper as well!”

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For the stories that Gail did write about or her daughters wrote about, I’ve put a link so you can read the story.

Gail Lee Martin’s List of Memory Joggers

This year I plan on writing what I remember about some of the following topics. Do you have memories about any of these writing triggers?
Let’s share.
We made ice cream in a hand-cranked wooden bucket.
Homemade butter in Mother‘s Daisy glass churn.

Daisy Butter Churn

Here’s the kind of churn we had when I was growing up (Virginia Allain)

Homemade buttermilk and cottage cheese.
When people had horses & buggies.
Riding in a horse-drawn sleigh.
Your first car in my case my first bike.
Your first or worst accident.
FDR was president.
Pearl Harbor was bombed.
Walking to school.
Catching crawdads for a summer treat.
Sledding down a hill for winter fun without a sled.
We had an icebox instead of a refrigerator.
People did their own canning of garden vegetables & we still do.
Two-room schoolhouses.
Going fishing with a stick fishing pole and grasshoppers.
Milk was from our cow named Cream.
Life before television.
Working at Boeing.
Life away from home the first time.
When World War II ended.
When prayer was a daily part of our school.
When kids respected parents, teachers etc.
When we had to hand-crank the cars.
We enjoyed evenings on the front porch.
Chased lightening bugs.
We had pen pals and autograph books.
We played jacks, jump ropes & marbles.
Advertisements were on paper matches,
wooden nickels & Burma Shave signs.
Making rings from our baby’s spoon.
My first permanent wave.
We wore silk hose and long neckties.
When we graduated from eighth grade & high school.
Bird’s nest in the overalls.
My acting career was in school plays.
We had fun with May baskets & April Fool jokes.

These topics should keep me writing for awhile so I better get started. Which one shall I start with?

I wish she had lived many more years and had time to write about the rest of these topics. How about you? Are you writing down some of your memories? Now is the time.

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