Five Favorite Smells

Posted by Gail’s daughter, Virginia Allain.

Sheets freshly dried on the clothesline. Forget those fancy dryer sheets and their fake scent. Bury your nose in an armload of clothes dried outside.


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Vanilla – I love vanilla scented candles. You can even dab some vanilla on your wrists from the bottle in the kitchen. It’s a great substitute for perfume in my opinion.

Pumpkin pie cooking – This is more than just the association with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I crave pumpkin in the fall. It evokes for me the crisp air, crunchy leaves underfoot, and all that is autumn.

Pot Roast – Mom used to make this and now I do too. For hours, the kitchen smells of lovely roasting beef raising my anticipation of eating the carrots, potatoes, and all that came with it.

Lilacs – It’s been years since I’ve smelled lilacs in the spring, but they still smell heavenly, deep in my memories.

Ask your friends what their favorites are.

When I asked my friends about their favorites, Terri commented, “Being English I have never smelled pumpkin pie cooking, guess I am missing something my cousins over the pond have learned to love.”

Janelle said that lilacs would be on her list too, but she also loved the fragrance of tiger lilies. Here are the rest of her favorites: “The smell of coffee freshly ground is one I like a lot, too. Coffee always smells to me a lot better than it tastes. Freshly bathed and powdered baby … that one gets me every time, especially if I am holding said child. Rapture by Avon … not made for years and years and years … but I know I’d recognize it if I smelled it again. That’s an olfactory memory now, but still a favorite. This was fun!”

This is what my sister, Karen contributed to the discussion, “How about the smell of rain, new school books, a puppy….?”

I hope you’ll add your own memories in the comment section.


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