Old Stone School

Our guest blogger today is Gail Martin’s little Sis, CJ Garriott.

CJ – “I found these photos I vaguely remembered having taken of a country school I ran across somewhere in my wanderings across Kansas. Don’t remember when, or where, or who may have been with me. Does anyone else? I thought I could make out “MAY” above the date, 1882, on the circular thing on the front of the building, that I had the presence of mind to get as close-up as I could. Thought that was the name of the school or townsite, but the website I found (below) said that was the date it opened.”

She noted that the photos were those square, rounded corner photos, “that tells me they were taken with my Instamatic, many, many years ago!”

Lower Fox Creek School - Strong City, Kansas CJ

Lower Fox Creek School at Strong City, Kansas. Photo by CJ Garriott

CJ added to the story, “I got to studying the back of the old school photos–there was faint (very faint!) red printing. With the super magnification dot on my magnifying glass and a bright light, I made out “May 77.” So, taken way, way, back there for sure! No telling what I was doing, wandering around northwest of Strong City!”

In 1977, the school was 95 years old.

Lower Fox Creek School - Strong City, Kansas CJ 2

Closer look at the date the school was built, May 1882. Photo by CJ Garriott.

Gail’s daughter, Karen, commented, “We visited with a family group in the spring one year when my daughter and I were back in Kansas visiting. She was maybe 4? So, mid-90’s. I don’t remember you being with us though and you’re not in any of the photos I took that day. It was known as the Z-Bar Ranch then, since then it’s become part of the Tallgrass Nature Preserve operated by the National Park Service and has reverted back to its first name, Spring Hill Ranch. The school is about a mile or so from the house, perched on top of a hill. There’s a walking trail to get there.”

Further Reading on the Lower Fox Creek School

Waymarking Site

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Virtual Tour of the School

Lower Fox Creek School 3_Tallgrass Prairie kk

Lower Fox Creek School in the 1990s. Photo by Karen Kolavalli.



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