Clyde’s Creative Solution

Clyde and Gail Martin_studio

Clyde and Gail Martin

Back in 2010, Gail Lee Martin was coming up with ideas to use as eHow articles. This one was written after her husband saved the day with a creative solution to a problem at breakfast. 

What to Do When There’s No Half and Half

Have you ever cooked oatmeal or other hot cereal for breakfast only to find out someone had used the last of the creamy Half and Half that you always put on your bowl of hot cereal? My husband found a solution and you might like what we discovered to use as a substitute. You never know when you’ll be caught in this situation.

Start by cooking the oatmeal or cream of wheat or other hot cereal the usual way. Open the refrigerator and discover there’s no Half and Half in there.


Check in the freezer to see if there is any frozen yogurt or ice cream in there. We always keep a container of vanilla ice cream in our freezer and sometimes for a change, strawberry or chocolate flavored. My husband is resourceful and when we realized we had no half and half, he reached into the freezer and brought out the vanilla ice cream.

Scoop out a large spoonful of the ice cream and drop it onto the hot cereal.

Just wait for the ice cream to begin melting which it does almost immediately. My bowl of hot cereal was soon covered with delicious looking cream. Sure didn’t hurt the taste either, it was delicious.

Tips & Warnings
  •  So we don’t worry anymore if we are about out of half and half for the morning bowl of hot cereal.
  •  We even liked chocolate flavored ice cream on our Malt-o-Meal and strawberry flavored on our Cream of Wheat.
  •  I was so pleased with this discovery that I decided to let some ice cream melt and use it on my dry cereal and that was good too.
  •  You could even try ‘Cool Whip’ or shake up some dry milk and add a favorite flavor of Kool-Aid to try the next time there is no Half and Half.




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