Another Blogger in the Family

Gail’s granddaughter, Diana Hyle started a blog about cooking. It’s called Lick the Beater which immediately brought to mind my mother, Gail Lee Martin, making a cake with her Mixmaster. Of course, we all wanted to lick the beaters after she finished pouring the batter into the pans.

Here’s what one post looks like. Isn’t that tempting!

Lick the Beater diana's blog

Diana is a librarian, so baking is not her main job, just her passion. She brings to her blog lots of tempting photos to illustrate the steps in the recipe. Along with that, she infuses the blog with a breezy wit that reminds me of her mother and with down-home descriptions that remind me of her grandmother’s writing.

This is not just a recipe blog, it has lots of personality and storytelling to entertain the reader along with all the information you’ll need to create some of these challenging projects yourself.

Sample a few of the posts, and see for yourself what a fun blog, Lick the Beaters is. You’ll enjoy On Your Mark, Get Set, Bake or try the Cheery Cherry Cake.

Try not to salivate on your keyboard as you read her tempting descriptions and view photos of the luscious results of her baking.

Photo of mixer beaters and whipped cream courtesy of Pixabay

Lovers of good food will love the blog:


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