Store Bought Cookies

Gail’s daughter, Virginia, shares a yummy food memory.

Mom sometimes brought home some packaged cookies from the store. Sure, we loved her oatmeal raisin cookies, sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles, but it was a treat to have Fig Newtons or Vanilla Wafers for a change. One that I really liked was called Devil’s Food Cookie. It had a cookie textured center with a solid coating of chocolate around it. Yum!

Retro Grocery Check-out Pantry Party Stock Kitchen Card

Retro Grocery Check-out Card

by nostalgicjourney

We could even turn graham crackers into a cookie by spreading icing on it and sticking two squares together. Do people still do that? If so, I bet they use the containers of pre-made frosting. We would mix powdered sugar icing to spread on the graham crackers. Vanilla wafers benefited from some icing and we could stick them together for a sandwich cookie effect.

Many people have fond memories of chocolate Oreos. I wasn’t a big fan of Oreos, but I’d pull them apart to eat the icing. The cookie part wasn’t that tasty to me. I remember vanilla flavored cookies shaped like Oreos and having icing in the middle. I liked those better.

When we had homemade ice cream, Mom would get those slim, rectangular waffle cookies that came in pink and cream and chocolate. They had icing in the center, I think. What were those called?

Of course, we had animal crackers now and then. The box was most appealing with the circus animals and the bright colors. Inside were the fairly tasteless, but interestingly-shaped lions and elephants to munch.

Tell me about your favorite store-bought cookies from childhood.


One thought on “Store Bought Cookies

  1. I always called those cookies “ice cream cookies,” but their official name is sugar wafer. Voortman makes a nice version today. And, yes, devil’s food cookies. You’d like the ones SnackWell makes. Yum to fig newtons if you find them fresh. Too often these days they’ve been on the shelf or in the warehouse too long and are kind of dry. Archway introduced raspberry filled cookies late in my childhood. They were (and are) kind of expensive, so we didn’t have them often. I had to Google this one: Nabisco Pinwheels, “Pure Chocolate & Marshmallow Cookies.” Thanks for the memories!

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