Cleaning by the Sign of the Moon

The Martins and McGhees used a website called My Family to keep in touch with all the cousins. They could post photos or chat. The site closed down a few years ago. It was great for such discussions as this one on the effect of the moon in inspiring cleaning and organizing.

Melba Lu (Gail Lee Martin’s cousin) Jan. 14, 2011 – Hello, family, thought I’d drop by and see what is going on with all of you! I am working on a new directory for our church, playing piano and cleaning SMALL areas.  The moon must be in the right sign for cleaning……

Cindy (Gail’s daughter) – Larry & I are working on revamping the office.   I’m cleaning out the closet, restacking books, moving pictures around on the walls, removed the clutter off the headboard of our bed. Let’s hear from others to see if they are cleaning as well.

Karen (another of Gail’s daughters) – Wow, it must be the moon!   I woke up today just raring to tackle house clutter!   (It doesn’t happen often, in my case.)   Nice to have the urge coincide with a day off, especially a day off that I’m not sick!

CJ (Gail’s sister) – I’m in awe of you guys. Haven’t seen the moon for so long, not sure what it could be inspiring me to do.

Gail Martin – Oh yes, it was the last quarter before the full moon and I talked to Susan the night before and she was cleaning her kitchen cabinets. While I spent most of that week cleaning out unnecessary emails and saving some to my back-up.   CJ, you don’t have to see the dang moon, just go with the flow and besides you were getting your meds organized, so yes, it was affecting you too.


Cindy (Feb. 1) – Wish that cleaning urge had stayed around long enough for me to have completed all my projects…..

Gail Martin – It never does. One week a month just gets you started, then a month later you have a whole month’s more stuff to work with!

So, what does it mean? I know Mom and Dad used the Farmer’s Almanac to plant their garden by the “right sign of the moon.” When I researched online, I found articles about How the Moon Cycles Affect Us. Apparently, it is the waning moon that inspires decluttering and wrapping up projects.

So, after a full moon, take advantage of the waning moon to tackle clearing out clutter or organizing at work or at home.

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