My Social Book – A Review

If you use Facebook, you see the ads all the time for My Social Book. I was curious, so I tried it out. My mother (Gail Lee Martin) died in 2013 and I worried that her Facebook page with all her social media history would be lost.

I ordered one with her Facebook pictures/posts/comments in it. It was a way to save the information from her Facebook page in case it ever disappears. It was only about $16, as they had a special and she was not a prolific commenter.

Here’s what her book looks like.

gail martin 2009 facebook book - my social book

My Social Book compiled for Gail Lee Martin

It slurps up the content from a Facebook profile and turns it into a nicely bound paperback book.

You can go through the preview and remove some things like trivial comments or too many of the same picture. It’s a little awkward using their tool to take out duplicate and unimportant content, but it saves some costs by keeping the book shorter.

I recently had the thought that it would be great to save some family group pages from Facebook into a My Social Book. That would preserve the photos and family history being shared there. Unfortunately, this isn’t allowed since there are privacy issues that Facebook enforces. I can understand why they have that rule but sure would have been a nice easy way to save some family history.

One thought on “My Social Book – A Review

  1. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if we could have done that with OurFamily before Ancestry discontinued it? They made claims and promises about how we’d be able to save our postings, but we all know how that turned out. 😦

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