Teterville Chat

When Gail Lee Martin was quite young, she lived with her parents and older sister Melba in Teterville, Kansas. It was an oilfield boomtown that has since disappeared. She wrote about that time in Teterville. It led to a contact from another lady who had roots in Teterville. Mom was always thrilled to know that her writing touched someone. 

Wed Aug 26, 2009
Gail, My dad, Earl Jones, and grandad lived in Teterville. I would love to see a picture of that place. I visited Teter Rock two weeks ago. remember going to a reunion picnic when I was a child.
Thanks,  Barb Jones Rickstrew

On 21 Sep 2009, Gail Martin wrote: Sorry that I’ve been so slow in answering you. It has been so long since I lived out there that the name of your dad doesn’t ring a bell. When did they live there? My aunt and uncle lived in the house just west of Moore’s grocery store. They were Viola and Roy McGhee. 

Have you any memories of Teterville that your folks passed down to you? Did they work for any of the oil companies? Or go to the Teter school? I was always scared of Mr. Teter’s wild cattle that roamed everywhere and liked to lay in the dusty roads. They didn’t even want to get up to let us pass by in our car. Thanks for taking the time to write to me. It meant a lot.

As always, Gail Martin

teterville store photo from eureka museum

Photo from the Eureka Museum of the Moore’s Store in Teterville, Kansas

From: Barb Rickstrew 
To: Clyde and Gail Martin
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009
Subject: Our Oil Field Home in the Flint Hills

Gail, Thank you so much for the picture. I don’t really have any information about Teterville but I remember going to a reunion picnic with my dad and grandpa. I was probably 7 or 8 and there weren’t many kids there but I thought there was maybe 2 buildings and an old merry go round.

Maybe the reunion picnic was somewhere else close, I don’t know. My dad is gone and you know how you wish you had asked more questions. I believe my grandpa worked for the oil company and my dad ended up going to school in Eureka.

I grew up in Eldorado and still have ties there and plan to visit Teter Rock again soon.
Thank you so much for replying to my email.
Barbara Jones Rickstrew

On 29 Sep 2009, Gail Martin wrote: Do you know what year your Dad graduated in Eureka. My sister Melba rode the school bus from Teterville to Eureka for 3 years. 1935/1937, then our folks moved and she graduated at Hamilton in 1938. But they used to have the school bus reunions at Teterville and Melba would go. I expect your Dad rode the bus too. I believe the bus driver was George Deering.

The Greenwood County Museum in Eureka has some great files on Greenwood County schools. I go there for my research. So interesting that we have met this way. If you ever get to El Dorado stop by and we could chat up a storm. We live at 1000 S. Atchison, phone 321-5399. My husband’s name is Clyde.

I sure would like to see you at my book signing October 11 from 2/4 at the Oil Museum 383 East Central, El Dorado. Our daughter has sent my second book with stories about my husband’s family. so I should have both books there plus my daughter, Cindy Jo Ross’ book of poetry and family photos, Ride a Stick Horse.

The Teter Rock was after my time in the area. Glad you got the picture. Those old ones are so small and have been around so long they are hard to get a good view. Gail

From: Barb Rickstrew
To: Clyde and Gail Martin
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Subject: Our Oil Field Home in the Flint Hills

Thanks, Gail! I would have to guess that dad graduated in 1942 or 43. I will sure look you up if I get back to Eldorado.

School and Moore's Store in Teterville, KS

These photos of the Teterville School and the Moore Bros. Grocery are on display at the Eureka Museum in Eureka, KS.

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