I Remember Mama


Since my mother lived 88 years, I have many memories to treasure and to store away for savoring later. Her grandchildren have their own memories, but for her great-grandchildren, the memories may be skimpy.

To pass the stories down through the generations requires sharing and repetition. Often that oral tradition falls by the wayside after a generation or two. We need to preserve those memories of our mothers. Writing the stories, creating a scrapbook or publishing a family history book are ways to keep those memories alive.

gail in pink in chair

Gail Lee Martin in her favorite spot for TV watching, newspaper clipping and chatting.

I’m on a crusade to encourage people to collect and store family memories. Future generations will want to know what their ancestor was like, what made them special and little anecdotes that show their personality.

Although you remember your mother, the memories fade and become fragmented over time. Write them out to preserve them. It really is important.

I’ve chosen to blog about my mother’s life and the many traits and behaviors that made her special. Most of the people who follow Discovering Mom are siblings, cousins or friends of hers. By writing about little things like her hobbies, recipes, or stories about her activities, I preserve my own memories and share them with others.

Over time, the blog has added more followers, even people who never knew my mother. Perhaps the topics I write about bring back memories of their own mother. I hope it might inspire them to do something similar. Perhaps someday I’ll gather all the blog posts into a self-published book. Then my siblings and Mom’s cousins can have a keepsake copy. That book can be passed along to future generations so Gail Lee Martin’s memory is preserved long after I am gone.

(article first published on Daily Two Cents)


One thought on “I Remember Mama

  1. What you wrote about preserving memories really struck a chord with me. My mother died at the age of 60–and you’re right, my memories grow dimmer as I age myself. It is important to share this legacy.
    Thanks for the nudge.


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