Sharing and Saving Old Family Photos

When someone shows off a vintage photo of their great grandparents or another old heirloom photo, I always give them this advice.

Make these accessible far and wide. I do so with our family photos and records, considering myself the archivist. We must always remember how vulnerable these are to loss (fire, flood, thrown out by our children).

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

I have a private Facebook page for family only and a separate photo web page so those not on Facebook have access. Put them on your Ancestry tree or on the free site, Family Search.

Consider yourself not just the owner of these, but only the caretaker. Make them available for any family member, whether you’ve met them or not, to use and enjoy.

Graphic from

I’ve seen some people have a total meltdown when someone they don’t know adds their photo onto a family tree. “That’s my great-grandmother,” they proclaim in outrage. I tell them to stop and think about it. If that ancestor had 8 children, and those children had 5 children, and then more descendants follow, there are likely hundreds of people who can call that person their great-grandmother.


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