Kansas Memoirs of the 1930s

Post by Gail’s daughter, Virginia Allain

Since helping my 85-year-old mother put her memories into a book, I’ve been fascinated by Kansas biographies of the Great Depression. The era of the 1930s was a tough one and there is much we can learn from how people survived the economic hardships of the Dust Bowl era.


dorothy rose and edna mae laird

Gail’s school pals, Dorothy Rose and Edna Mae Laird.

Join me in reading the best of the Kansas biographies from the Depression Era. While others may take light fiction for their summer beach reading, I’ll be reading memoirs written by Kansans who lived through the Dirty Thirties.

My mother was fortunate that her father had a job all through that decade. Her childhood memories show a simple life on the Kansas prairies, yet a happy time for her.

Here are some titles to get you started:

Ducks Across the Moon

My Flint Hills Childhood

As I Remember It by Esther Imhof

The Other End of the String

Addie of the Flint Hills

Sod and Stubble

Here’s a short video to give you a glimpse into the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.

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