The Moon and Writing

Here’s some information that I wanted Gail to make into an article to post online. The article was never completed, but I’m sharing here her research on this interesting topic of how the signs of the moon affect writers.

” I also found that the signs of the moon inspire what we write. One week you do creative writing; another week researching goes best; a third week you write letters to friends and family and the last week is for organizing. Sometimes this one extends to my whole writing room. I found this information in a Farmer’s Almanac. In checking back through my journals I found that it was right. “
writing-pen pixabay

Graphic from Pixabay

Here’s what Mom found on the subject:
Increasing Moon
“An increasing moon going from new to full means writing will flow easily.  At that time, a writer is more prolific and productive. Ideas come easily and facts pop into your mind.”
Waning Moon
“When it goes from a full moon to the new moon, that’s the waning moon. For writers, the flow begins to dry up. Shift into doing editing, organizing.” She then has “great for news columns or for magazines.” I wish she would have elaborated on that part.
Mercury Retrograde
“When Mercury is retrograde, it’s a good influence on research, taking notes, and for the preparation of a writing project. It slows the thought process, so you need to allow more time for the writing process. Proofread carefully.
Mercury retrograde slows the thought processes, communications, and transportation.”
The takeaway from that is to allow more time for the writing process and factor in the time for mail to get delivered and for possible delays. Proof read carefully.
Here is the Farmer’s Almanac chart for the moon for the current month.
What are your thoughts on this? Have you considered the effects of the moon sign on your writing?

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