Writers in Their 70s, 80s, and 90s

Septuagenarian, Octogenarian, and Nonagenarian Writers

I have great admiration for writers who continue their craft into their seventies, eighties, and nineties. Writing is something that fits quite well into a senior lifestyle. By the time a person reaches an advanced age, they have a lot of living and a wide range of experience to share with younger generations.

We may have to give up playing football or baking rich desserts or other hobbies we had when younger. Arthritis and high cholesterol start to cut into some of our fun. Writing remains. Some seniors don’t discover the pleasures of writing until their other activities become restricted.

Here I want to celebrate writers who put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard to record the essays, poems, and even books during their seventies, eighties, and nineties.

70, 80 and 90-Year-Old Writers on the Our Echo Website – Links to their essays and poems

Our Echo specializes in family memory writing but attracts a variety of writing from essays to poetry to fiction and family history. Check out the writing by these octogenarians and nonagenarians.

Gail Lee Martin served as the webmaster for the site and encourage these writers to keep on writing. When you read the stories from the writers listed below, click on the comment section and you will see that Gail faithfully read and commented on almost every post.

(Just click on their name below to go to their online stories, poems, and essays.)

  • Wanda Molsberry Bates (born in 1915)
    Read her essays like “At 94” and “School Days – Memories.” Over 90 Years 90th Birthday by BirthdayObsessions
  • Gone But Not Forgotten by Nancy J. Kopp
    A tribute to Wanda Molsberry Bates who died in April 2010 at the age of 95.
  • Kathe M. Campbell
    Read her accounts of ranch life and overcoming hardships. She has memory pieces like “Blooming Where We’re Planted.”
  • Gail Lee Martin (born in 1924)
    Gail wrote about growing up on the Kansas prairies. Her writing list on Our Echo also includes poems.
  • John William Daniel
    At 92, John William Daniel writes about his early experiences in South Texas near the Mexican border.
  • Nancy J. Kopp
    Read her heart-warming stories and musings. She has had nine articles included in the Chicken Soup series of books. She has an awesome blog called Writer Granny’s World too.
  • Winifred Beatrice Peterson (born in 1914)
    This 95-year-old writer tells about her childhood in “Just a Country Girl” and later life in “The Farmwife Flunky.”
  • Tom Foley of Maine (age 82)
    Besides writing, Tom also does watercolor painting and woodcarving.
  • Monte Leon Manka
    Formerly of Chelsea, KS, and now lives in California. He was 83 in 2010 when he started posting on the Our Echo site and writes poems about bleak times during the Great Depression. Take a look at these on the Our Echo website and leave a comment so Monte will know you visited.

Memoirs Written By Octogenarians

Addie of the Flint Hills: A Prairie Child During the Depression (1915-1935)Addie of the Flint Hills: A Prairie Child During the Depression (1915-1935)View DetailsMy Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s KansasMy Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s KansasView DetailsShadows in My House of Sunshine: A Journey of DiscoveryShadows in My House of Sunshine: A Journey of DiscoveryView Details

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