Remember the Dime Store?

Sometimes It Was Called “The Five and Dime” or “The Five and Ten”

Back prior to the 1960s, one could go to the 5 and 10 store for all sorts of things. This is before the day of WalMart. This slim booklet was promoting Woolworths before the proliferation of dollar stores. I had fun looking through the list of what you could buy for 10 cents or less.

squidoo 001

1910 F.W. Woolworth Co. booklet is from my ephemera collection

For ten cents, one could get some curtain rods, some candles for the dining table or a dresser scarf. It reminds me that back in the day, women spent quite a bit of time sewing for the home and their families.

woolworth booklet early 1900

Woolworths sold the needles and thread, the pillow pieces to be assembled, material to make curtains, plus lace and ribbons to decorate those.

Did you see the plastic cowboys and Indians at the top of this page? That was what we gravitated to while Mom shopped for household needs. The little plastic figures provided us with hours of fun in the sandbox in our yard.


cowboys and indians

Vintage plastic western figures that you could buy at the dime store back in the Good Old Days.


Here’s a YouTube video that looks back at a five and dime that is open today, although there isn’t much you can buy for a dime now. It still has the old candy counter at Berdine’s 5 & Dime Store – Harrisville, WV.

Read more memories of old-time dime stores.

Photos by Virginia Allain

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