A Christmas Song for Shannon

I found myself asking our Amazon Dot to play John McCutcheon songs yesterday. It made me realize that even though I hadn’t consciously thought about it, my mind was turning to memories of Shannon. Gail and Clyde were devastated by the death of their youngest daughter, Shannon, on the 8th of December 2006, at the too-young age of 48. Eleven years ago, and the even after that much time, we all feel the loss when early December comes around.

Shannon_Hyle 2000

Shannon (Martin) Hyle

John McCutcheon was a favorite artist of Shannon’s and she looked forward to his performance each year at the Winfield Music Festival. Since she volunteered at the festival, she had the chance to talk to the performers and felt a personal connection to them.

I selected one of McCutcheon’s Christmas songs to share with you here. It’s on YouTube. Take a soothing moment to listen to the hammered dulcimer music of Down in Yon Forest/New Year’s Eve. It’s from his Winter Solstice album.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Song for Shannon

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  2. We went to “Christmas on the Frontier” at Fort Boonesborough last night–the entire fort was lit only by lanterns, candles, and bonfires–and got to listen to one of the history interpreters play the hammered dulcimer, which made me think of John McCutcheon, which then, of course, made me think of Shannon. Here we are again on another December 8th and Shannon’s been gone 12 years now. The pain is still there, but sweet memories come through, too.

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