May Memory Joggers

Gail Lee Martin actively encouraged others to record their early memories. She taught classes at the Shepherd’s Center in Wichita and sessions at the Kansas Author’s Club annual convention. Here are her tips for early May memories. Get out your pen and start writing!


may memories blog graphic pixabay

Photo from Pixabay


May 1 – May 15, 2007 – May Memories
Memory jogs for May are abundant. The first that comes to mind is May Baskets. My husband and I received two yesterday. What a great warm feeling. One was from new neighbors that just moved in. The other was from a group of church youths. Do you remember making them and surprising neighbors? Have you ever received May baskets? How did you feel?

  • Were you ever involved in wrapping a May Pole for your school or did your town celebrate May Day?
  • Spring songbirds are arriving in my area. What are your favorites? Are you a bird watcher? It is interesting to watch the funny antics of the robins strutting in our street.
  • Mother’s Day is coming. What memories does that bring you or your parents? How do you celebrate that day? Do you give gifts of flowers, candy, clothes, or jewels?
  • It is school prom time and a great bunch of memories surrounds that special time. Do you remember planning & preparation for the prom night when you were a junior and the total enjoyment when you were a senior? Add pictures if you can find them.

These tips were previously posted on the Our Echo website.

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