Remember the Rawleigh Man?

Our guest blogger today is the Hope Community Museum in Kansas.

“One of the dying occupations is that of the traveling salesman. For most of the 20th century, your door was knocked on by people selling wares that were the ‘best of its kind!’

This display case was owned by Dan Bert to sell Rawleigh products, which included ointments, spices, extracts, and more. He ran his route in Southern Dickinson County from 1937-1973. For 36 years, he was known as the guy that gave Juicy Fruit Gum to everyone who opened their door.

Do you remember a traveling salesman that treated you like family when they knocked on your door?”

Here are some of the answers from their readers:

Greg R. – “I remember the Rawleigh man coming around. I still use their brown salve. It’s good for what ails you! I also remember the Stanley salesman and the Fuller Brush man.”

Joann V. – “Living in the country, we had a lot of salesmen stop in: vacuum cleaner, Avon, Fuller Brush, McNess, even the car dealer would come out from town to show Dad a vehicle. Loved the little 2-pack of Chiclet gum that the A.A.L. Insurance would give to us kids.”

Donna N. – “I remember when the Watkins man would come to our house (20 miles out in the country). Once in a while mom would buy a bottle of flavored stuff to make her version of “koolaid”..a real treat. She always bought their vanilla.”

Where is Hope, Kansas?

On your way up Route 56 to Junction City, turn west just after Herrington. If you get to Junction City, you went too far. The museum is at 203 S. Main Street. They have a Facebook page.


July Memory Joggers

Memory joggers for the month of July created by Gail Lee Martin. She would love it if you would take pen in hand and write about some of these topics.

July 1 – July 31 – July Memories

With our Nation’s birthday coming up on the fourth, let’s try and recall how we celebrated the 4th of July as far back as we can. We used to go swimming and have a picnic. I can even remember when we had no fireworks, can you? What were your favorite fireworks? Our children loved smoke bombs and sparklers. If you recall picnics tell us your menu and how you kept the food safe. Who attended? How about some pet stories and the noise of the fireworks?

sparkler photo dark background by Virginia Allain

A photo of a 4th of July sparkler (by Gail’s daughter, Virginia Allain)

Hallmark channel on TV is planning a month of “Rough N Ready” shows for July. How about writing some Rough N Ready stories or memories of your favorite Western movies? Our favorites were movies with Tom Mix, Dale & Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Hop-a-Long Cassidy in them.



Classic western hero – The Lone Ranger

Where did you go to see the movies? Who did you go with and what did it cost to get in? Who could forget the smell of the popcorn? Describe the theater inside and out. Do you remember the first drive-in-movies? Did your theater have drawings or gifts?

I found an old Log Cabin Syrup tin that looked like the ones I played with as a kid. Do you remember what syrup you liked on pancakes as a kid? Did your mother make them from scratch or use a mix? Tell us some breakfast stories.

What would you do if you had as much rain as Kansas, Oklahoma & Texas has had lately? Maybe you’ve gone through that sort of thing already. Tell us about your rainy ordeals.

July 2012 Rain at the Bronco ball park in El Dorado KS

Karen Kolavalli’s photo of the lightning and rain clouds at the Bronco Ball Park in El Dorado, Kansas.