Mary White’s Bedroom

The William Allen White family lived in a handsome home in Emporia, Kansas in the early 1900s. He was a noted newspaper editor, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and famous people, even presidents, came to visit him.

His daughter, Mary White, was an active teen who loved to gallop across the open prairie with her pony. The bedroom shown here is Mary‘s.

Mary White's bedroom

Mary White’s bedroom (photo by Virginia Allain)

It’s a simple room with a wood floor and an oriental patterned rug. There are windows on two sides making it a bright and cheery space. Venetian blinds cover the windows.

Mary White's bedroom at Red Rock in Emporia, Kansas

Mary White’s bedroom at Red Rock in Emporia, Kansas

A plain woven coverlet adorns the simple bed. There’s little excess space in the room, just enough to walk around the bed and room to dress. A radiator provides the heat.

Mary White's bedroom

For school work, writing, or reading a basic table and chair took little space in the small room.

Mary White died young from an accident with her horse. Her father wrote her obituary which I found quite touching in the way it was worded and the insight into her life that it gave.

The room has stayed the same over the years and the house is now a museum that you can visit. It gives you an appreciation of what a house from 1921 looks like inside.

(This post was written by Virginia Allain after a visit with her sister to the White family home, named Red Rock.)

Learn More:

YouTube – Movie Trailer for Mary White 1.27 minutes
YouTube – Brief video about the death of Mary White 3 minutes

One thought on “Mary White’s Bedroom

  1. Red Rock is such a special place and Mary’s room is especially poignant. Frank Lloyd Wright drew up the original house plans, but White wanted some changes that Wright wouldn’t approve, so another architect finished the project for them. Mary’s room isn’t really representative of Wright’s work, but the main floor with its open, light-filled spaces is obviously influenced by him. Such a beautiful house!


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