A Librarian’s Letter to Santa

(Post by Virginia Allain)

For about 10 years I wrote a weekly newspaper column promoting the public library. I was the library director and it was a good opportunity to get our message out to the public.

I’m sure there are thousands of librarians out there right this minute trying to think of a topic for their December library column. Now they have not only the newspaper but their web page and Facebook fan page to write posts for. Below is my column that other libraries are welcome to adapt for their own local paper or library blog.

Don’t worry about sounding greedy. Santa is used to long wish lists.

Write a Christmas letter to Santa - librarians

What does a library want for Christmas? Write a letter to Santa with your requests.

A Librarian’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, the library has been really good this year. We will try to be even better next year. Please get us a Dial-a-Story for the children to call. It has a new story for each week of the year and only costs $1,500 for the equipment and tapes.

We need $9,000 more in donations for the Reading Is Fundamental project. Then we can give books to 7,000 at-risk children in our community. If we can raise that, the federal government will also give $38,000.

We’re really hoping to get a Youth Services Librarian this Christmas. We want one who will hold story times and start a junior Friends of the Library group. Please get us one with a Master’s degree in library science.

The library doesn’t have a chimney, so just leave the presents in the book return bin. Have a Merry Christmas.”

Christmas village library with lighted windows

The lighted library that I display at Christmas.

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