A Challenge for You – Think About Yourself


I saw this writing exercise that uses a list format and couldn’t resist thinking what would I choose for each topic. I wish Mom were here so I could have her fill it out too.
Think about what answers you would put. I challenge you to give this some thought and to write about it.
Here are my answers below.

If I were… (by Virginia Allain)

A month. I’d be October. The crisp leaves crunch under my feet, the sweltering days of summer are past and pumpkins accent the porches.
A country. I’d be Ireland. Land of my ancestors, Celtic music, and everyone’s a storyteller.
A time of day. I’d be noon time. I love a leisurely lunch.
A sea animal. My choice is a dolphin. So sleek, so intelligent.
A direction. I’d be west. My ancestors traveled west to settle in Kansas.
A liquid. I’d be a margarita. So refreshing with a little salt around the rim.

A margarita, so refreshing!

A gemstone. I’d be a pearl.
A tree. I’d be a redbud. they give a burst of color in the spring.
A game. I’d be Bookworm. Delighting in creating new words.
A famous painting. I’d be Van Gogh’s Sunflower. That fits my Kansas heritage.
A flower. I’d be an iris. So regal, so welcome in spring.
A kind of weather. I’d be a gentle rain refreshing the thirsty flowers.
A musical instrument. I’d be a fiddle. So lively, so lovely, playing Irish tunes.
Violin at Bryan House in Kentucky

Violin at Bryan House in Kentucky

A piece of furniture. I’d be a comfy reading chair.
A color. I’d be aqua, like the sea in tropical islands.
A means of transportation. I’d be a cruise ship filled with happy people on vacation.
An emotion. I’d be reflective. Thinking about the past, present and the future.
A fruit. I’d be a pear.
A sound. I’d be a purr.
A vehicle. I’d be a golf cart.
A place. I’d be a library filled with books and open 24 hours a day.
A taste. I’d be vanilla
A scent. I’d be the scent of orange blossoms.
An animal. I’d be a wombat. Once I held one in Tasmania.
A random object. I’d be a book, of course.
Reading glasses and a book
A body part. I’d be hands. So useful.
A song. I’d be “Amazing Grace.”
An item of clothing. I’d be a flowing caftan, comfortable and casual.

The Challenge –

Now, it’s your turn. Write down the list and add your own answers.

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