Going Batty

In 2009, I went along with my grandchild’s field trip to the zoo. They didn’t stay in the cave with the vampire bats very long. I prefer the fruit bats because they’re easier to see in the tree limbs above. I remember as a child laying on our front walk & seeing a bat in the branch over my head.

My sister Karen K., said, “You did not! I think you’re making things up now!”

No, it’s very true, I was probably 10 or 12. I ran off screaming for mom. My second time to see a wild bat was in my living room on Marsha Street in Andover. It flew in as someone was leaving. Ginger and Larry are my witnesses. A friend, Terry Fleming, was bitten by a bat while on vacation 4 years ago and had to have rabies shots.

bats in tree pixabay

A photo from Pixabay of bats taking a nap in a tree.

Karen K. -Ok, now that I think about it, there might have been bats in the abandoned homestead there on our property, although I never saw any, not even in that really cool cellar. I loved that old building! It fascinated me. We had a huge flowering badam (almond) tree outside our bedroom window in Ahmedabad and you could look right out at the large fruit bats. Our windows weren’t screened, but they never came into the house.

One thought on “Going Batty

  1. Interesting story about bat encounters. Personally, I remember seeing flocks (?) of bats fly around at dusk at our summer place. They never bother3d us, though.


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