Shannon’s Crafty Cards

Happy Birthday, to my sister, Shannon. It’s hard to imagine that she would be 61 if she were still here today. In my mind, she is forever that young, vibrant person loved by all who knew her.

Her creativity shone through the humdrum lives that we all live. It came out in performing in plays in high school, in writing, and in her scrapbooking and card-making.

shannon's ladybug card 2

A card made by Shannon Hyle with her favorite ladybugs on it.

Here are some more samples of her cards. Nature was a recurring theme of hers. She liked to experiment with color combinations, lettering, and other effects. Often her designs include birds or butterflies or ladybugs.

I’ve taken up tea drinking in the last year, so this card of Shannon’s inspires me to make a cup of tea. Then I’ll pull out a favorite author of hers to read a little. Maybe an Elsie Lee or a Georgette Heyer would hit the spot.

Thinking of you, Shannon. I hope in heaven there’s plenty of creative activities for you to indulge in and a huge library of books for you to read.

card made by Shannon Hyle

“You warm my heart” – card made by Shannon Hyle.

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