Gail, Age 14


1938 – Pauline Bolte, Melba McGhee, Twyla Yeager, Gail McGhee, and little Carol McGhee.

The three on the right are the McGhee sisters. Older sis, Melba, married Norman Harlan a few years after this photo. Gail McGhee would have been 14. Younger sis, Carol would have just been 4-years-old.

The two on the left are cousins of the McGhee sisters. Pauline Bolte, age 17, was the daughter of Lucy Vining. Twyla Yeager, age 16, was the daughter of Laura Mae Vining. Laura and Lucy were sisters of Ruth Vining McGhee (mother of Carol, Gail, and Melba).
Here are Carol’s thoughts about the time a few years after this, “I went to the country Seeley School, smack on the prairie of the Flint Hills, from 2nd to mid-6th grade. Walked the mile or so back and forth when weather permitted. Always left early so I’d have time to chase rabbits and throw pebbles in the creek. Don’t remember it having a bell. Later photos show an oil well in front of it. 
Seeley school

View of the Seeley School with an oil pump jack in front.

One thought on “Gail, Age 14

  1. Yep, the ages of myself and my sisters in this photo would be 4 years for me, 14 for sister Gail and 18 for sister Melba. I’ve always found it interesting that our Mother and all three of we sisters, got married at age 20.


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