Ready for Fall?

At last, it’s October! Just a week ago, my younger sister said, “I love having a September Birthday – I’m a fall season, jacket weather, with pumpkins, and hot cocoa or cider, type of person.”

cup of cocoa

I need to ponder that. I know for sure that I’m not a winter type of person, but I’m hard put to say which season is my favorite. Spring seems fresh and joyful, summer is lazy and relaxed, and fall feels brisk and colorful. I guess I like them all.

I remember that Mom (Gail Martin) used to revel in the fall colors. She seldom took pictures but in the autumn she tried to capture the glory of the maple tree across the street from their home. You might not think that South Central Kansas would have stunning autumn scenes, but it does.

Gail Lee Martin’s Fall Photos


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Kansas may not draw the leaf-peepers like Vermont and New Hampshire, but the locals sure enjoy the beauty of fall without the autumn traffic jams of New England.

Tell me what your favorite season is.

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