Storing Away Happiness

Here’s a memory of Gail Lee Martin from 2012.
If We Could Bottle Happiness and Store It Away…
Below is a comment that Mom put on Facebook when Karen posted this photo a few years ago.
Colorful bottles catch the eye.
Colorful bottles catch the eye.
Each of my pretty vases and bottles have a story of memories to tell if they could talk or text! I love to look out that window when the sun is shining.
It certainly brightens my day. I have things like that in every room of our home that make me happy when I see them. glm” (February 24, 2012)
Here’s a challenge for each of us. Look around the room you are in and identify one thing that makes you happy just to see it. Savor the moment and tell us about why it makes you happy in the comments if you feel like sharing.
Gail Martin and Karen Kolavalli

Gail Martin and her daughter, Karen Kolavalli

2 thoughts on “Storing Away Happiness

  1. I count nine things I could mention that I can see from my desk. One is a blue “monkey’s knot” as big as my fist, tied by a fishing captain in Nova Scotia. I spent an hour with him, hearing his tales of fishing in the north Atlantic, men tied to the boat to prevent them from going overboard, a severed thumb packed in flour to save it, men breaking the ice off each other’s backs, and his son’s death. I had never met the captain before–or since–but for some reason, we connected. His eyes misted over while talking about his son, and he gave me a hug and this knot when I left. I know that sounds sad, but the knot makes me feel grateful and happy. There is so much kindness to be found with strangers, so much to learn from people’s stories. Plus, I love blue!


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