Words From Mama

Every now and then, I happen upon a comment that my mother (Gail Lee Martin) put online. She was a great encourager of other writers and of her children’s efforts. It always surprises me to see these after all these years.

gail heart necklace

A necklace of Mom’s


This one she wrote on a post I’d written of childhood memories growing up in the country.

Your brother told us one time that he grew up not knowing we were poor. Even if Dad had a job on the drilling rigs there were many times the rig would be down until another job came along, so there were many ups and downs in our cash flow. With the garden, and the preserving we did and the rabbits we most always ate good. Remember that place where we could buy hamburgers 8 for a $1.00. I think we always ate there when we were in town. Mom

I remember that little hamburger joint. They must have cringed when they saw us come through the door. Each child wanted different things on their burger. I wanted catsup and pickles. It was probably the only place Mom could afford to feed six children back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Clyde and Gail Martin and children

Clyde Martin (holding Karen), Gail and Owen, Cindy, Ginger, Susan


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