Dad’s Work Clothes

(post by Virginia Allain) My dad wore a metal hard-hat for working in the oil fields. His boots were steel-toed, and his work clothes were oil-stained. Mom had to wash those separately from all the other clothes.

They had a “dog-house” by the oil rig where the men kept their overalls to wear again the next day and the next. They changed into their ordinary clothes for the drive home from their grueling day of work. The main thing I remember about his work outfit was his metal lunch bucket which was black and Mom filled it with substantial sandwiches and other filling food. Sometimes he had to work a double shift if the other crew didn’t show up to relieve them. The oil rig had to always be attended during the drilling process.

Gail Martin with baby Shannon and husband, Clyde, just home from work.

Dad had a suit, but I can only remember it coming out of the closet for funerals and weddings. He wasn’t a go-to-church sort of guy. Mom was superintendent for the Sunday School at the First Christian Church, so the whole family dressed up and went to Sunday School and Church. Dad stayed home, probably to enjoy some blissful peace and quiet without six kids around.

gail and clyde in suit

Gail and Clyde Martin – a special occasion.

Interestingly, there’s a photo from his childhood showing him in shorts, a matching jacket, and a Little Lord Fauntleroy collar. Pretty fancy for a farm kid. Here are photos of those early days.




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