Fox Theater in Hutchinson

It’s marvelous to see an old theater given new life as a performing arts center. A few years ago I attended an Arlo Guthrie concert in the Fox Theater with my sister. What a treat it was to hear this iconic performer from my college years and to see the interior of this vintage theater.

Fox Theater - Hutchison KS

Fox Theater – Hutchison KS – lights in the lobby.

Quite a display of lights!

Here’s the ticket booth in the lobby. Check out the beauty of that art deco ceiling.

ticket box fox theater

The frosted glass designs on the ticket booth are typical for Art Deco.


Notice the light-colored wood and the trim on the booth and the ceiling. Every little detail contributes to the look. The etching on the glass is notable too.

fox theater stairway

The wide stairway to the second floor of the Fox Theater.

Look at the graceful curves in this stair railing. What a tragedy it would have been for this building to lapse into decay and get torn down and replaced with a generic modern building. I’m so grateful they preserved this and keep it in use.

Learn some history of this vintage theater on the Fox Theater website. The site Cinema Treasure has some old photos of it. The Fox opened in 1931. It was restored in 1999 and seats 1200 people.

Here’s the exterior of the building. Continue on down for my slideshow with more interior shots.

fox theater guthrie


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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