Little Shannon

I was sorting through old family photos to get scanned and then send along to nieces and nephews. When I reached the pictures of my youngest sister, Shannon, I set the other stacks aside for later.

This week is the anniversary of Shannon’s death, so perhaps subconsciously I was looking for those photos.

Baby Shannon smiles at her mother, Gail Lee Martin

Ruth McGhee, holds her new granddaughter, Shannon.

There’s one color photo of baby Shannon that was taken during a visit to the grandparents near Madison, Kansas. As her older sister, Karen, strolls in the flower garden, Shannon is propped on a chair next to a large rose for the picture. Looming over her head is a giant castor bean plant.

baby shannon, rose, karen martin Oct 1958 at McGhee farm Madison, castor bean plant

The photos are merely snapshots, captured quickly with little thought to light, setting, or background distractions. What shines through in all of them is the vitality of the child. She’s occupied with little girl activities like loving her kitties and playing in the yard.

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3 thoughts on “Little Shannon

  1. I’m sure these pictures bring back hundreds of memories and feelings. Losing a sibling is painful. I’m truly sorry for your loss.


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