Grandma’s Kitchen

Wichita museum - Hoosier cabinet

A Hoosier kitchen cabinet in the Wichita museum

Maybe you’ve seen a vintage kitchen like this in a museum setting or perhaps your grandma or great-grandma had an old-time kitchen like the one shown here. You’ll recognize a few things like the muffin pan and cream pitcher but might puzzle over the butter press and small churn.

The following list of kitchen necessities comes from a small Woolworth’s pamphlet that I have.

Woolworth's booklet of kitchen supplies

Woolworth’s booklet of kitchen supplies

I’ve collected a few pieces of ephemera like this as it intrigues me to see how our ancestors lived. This advertising booklet gives a glimpse into that time. It was the dollar store of that era, but then it was called the five and dime store or just the dime store.

The graphic shows you how much the major appliances changed in the last 100 years. Reading down the list of products gives us more insight.

There’s the flour sifter and bread pans since the housewife of that time made her own bread. There are aluminum saucepans (no stainless steel or non-stick pans). Note the tea strainer (I’m guessing that the convenience of tea bags is a more recent innovation).

This is before the time of Mr. Coffee or Keurig machines, so the list includes percolator tops and handles. Coffee would be perked on the stove.

Did you see the ice pick on the list? The iceman would deliver blocks of ice to go into the icebox before the electric refrigerator came along. If you wanted ice in your lemonade, it could be chipped off the large block with the ice pick. The lemon reamer was used in making the lemonade from fresh lemons. There’s a lemon reamer in the Hoosier cabinet. See if you can find it.

Laundry day was always Mondays and the list includes clotheslines and clothespins. No one had electric clothes dryers back in those days.

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3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Kitchen

  1. What fascinates me is the number of those kitchen utensils that I have seen, held and even used! When I look at the illustration of the “ modern “ kitchen, I imagine the reaction of a present day 20 – something to it! Now that would be hilarious.

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