Their First Child

My parents, Gail and Clyde Martin married at the end of World War II. Yes, they contributed to the Baby Boom. Their first baby arrived a bit less than 9 months later, but you know the old saying, “first babies always come early.”

owen martin's baby announcement

Owen Martin’s birth announcements from 1946

The proud parents used lots of 3 cent stamps as they sent cute birth announcements to all the relatives. Cameras weren’t as widely available then, but they captured a few candid shots of the infant and then as a toddler.

Owen_Martin__at_6_months 1946 baby

Owen at 6 months

baby owen martin 1946

Owen Lee Martin

They said they wanted to have a dozen children. After having six, they decided that was enough.

Gail Clyde Owen Martin

Here are Mom and Dad with their baby boy, Owen.

His school photos show the same winsome smile as the little boy grows. Along the way, he acquired the nickname, Butch. It took him some years to outgrow that.

His early ambition was to be a cowboy. After all, it was the era of Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, and Rex Allen. He even met a real Indian chief in Oklahoma (Chief Nu-ke-gri, age 73).

I put together this post as my brother’s birthday was coming up in two weeks. He has been ill and we were all worrying. As I put in the last photos and had it ready to post, I heard from my sister that Owen passed away today.

12 thoughts on “Their First Child

  1. Our condolences go out to the family. It’s always hard losing a loved one, but this post is a great insight to his life. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    I’m married to Lealon’s grandson Steve. I find it fascinating that our 3 year old grandson’s name is Owen Samuel McGhee. My mother’s maiden name was Martin.
    God Bless Owen and may he RIP ❤️


  2. My heart goes out to your family. This was a lovely tribute. I had not seen many of those pictures. I’m sad that Owen is gone and I will miss talking with him. But believe that his limitations have been lifted and his spirit is free. Peace to all.

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