The Deck Chair

I saw a vintage photo of men in suits lounging on deck chairs. Although my grandfather, Clarence McGhee, made two ocean voyages, they weren’t on cruise ships with lavish buffets and deck chairs. Those voyages were aboard troopships that carried him and other doughboys to France in World War I and then home again in 1919 when the carnage ended. Instead of a suit, he would have been wearing his U.S. Army uniform.

It was years later that my grandfather had the opportunity to lounge in a deck chair. Far from the ocean, he leaned back with a magazine to read while soaking up some Kansas sunshine. From the size of the magazine, it might be an issue of Look or Life or Saturday Evening Post.

Shoes off and shirt sleeves rolled up, he is completely relaxed. His dog gazes adoringly up at him. In the background, a kitten plays. I don’t recognize the building and I need to check the year on those cars to give me more insight into the time and place.

clarence mcghee in deck chair dog, car,

, on vacation

Here’s the Sepia Saturday photo challenge that inspired this blog post.

7 thoughts on “The Deck Chair

  1. Great pix! I love the sock feet in the first photo. I think I’d be barefoot out there, but perhaps there was a good reason for keeping the socks on his feet? 🙂


  2. Nice post and photos. My dad also traveled by sea when he was in the Navy in WWII. After he retired, he even had his ship’s name made into a license plate frame for his car. Will have to research details of his ship for a later post. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Can’t beat a photo with a dog in it! Those troop ships were a vital contribution to the war effort and were produced in record speed, but not for comfort. Likely no room for deck chairs.


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