Vintage Bicycling

Each week I get ideas from a blog called Sepia Saturday. This week, their inspiration photo shows three ladies with their bicycles. You can see that photo at the end of today’s blog.

Immediately, I thought of my grandmother on her brother’s motorcycle around 1914. It’s such a unique photo that I’m sure I’ve shared it here before. My photos are from Tyro, Kansas.

Ruth Vining on Albert's motorcycle_edited

Ruth Vining on the Flander’s 4 motorcycle (photo from the Gail Lee Martin collection.

Closer to the example photo is one that I have with my grandfather and two other young men. It was merely labeled Albert Vining. I think the middle fellow is his future brothers-in-law, Clarence McGhee who married Ruth Vining. The fellow on the right is likely Jesse McGhee, the brother of Clarence McGhee.

albert and bicycle

The McGhee family and the Vining family lived across the street from each other. I don’t recognize the house.

Here’s the Sepia Saturday site where you can see what other bloggers shared.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Bicycling

  1. Excellent matches for our theme. Do you think your grandmother took a ride on that motorcycle? Many years ago when I had a motorcycle I gave my grandma a short ride. Only much later I found a photo of her as a young woman perched on a motorbike very similar to the one in your photo, so I wasn’t her first.


  2. Albert Vining (the man on the left side of the photo) was smart, in that he had no chainguard on his bike, so he had his trouser leg tied up so they wouldn’t get caught and either ripped, or tossed him off.


  3. Love the photo of your grandmother sitting on the motorbike. Her smile is so happy. I love pix of my grandparents when they were young especially. Makes them seem that much more like ‘real’ people – especially the ones I didn’t get to know that well.


  4. That was quite the stretch from seat to handlebars! I have absolutely ZERO photos of people on motorcycles. I have a photo of my grandmother behind the wheel of a car when she was a teenage, but she didn’t get a license until MUCH later – she was a grandmother.


  5. If you get multiple comments from me on this post, please delete them. I have commented on 3 blogs and none of them show up – is it me? Anyway here is what I keep trying to say:
    That’s quite a stretch from the seat to the handlebars. I have ZERO photos of motorcycles, but I have one photo of my grandmother behind the wheel of a car when she was a teenager. However, she didn’t get her driver’s license until MUCH later. She was a grandmother.


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