The “Drunken Basket” Quilt

I once bought a quilt quite inexpensively at a yard sale. The vintage piece had quite a few errors in it. It was a basket design, but some of the blocks were sideways instead of upright. The hand-stitching erratic.

The basket blocks are interspersed with coral squares. I’m thinking the printed fabrics may be from the 1940s.

drunken basket quilt

I like quilt history and asked the seller who made the quilt. She said it was her great-aunt who had a drinking problem. She explained that was why the quilt had the mistakes in it. She wouldn’t tell me the relative’s name, suddenly overcome by a fear of betraying family secrets.

I call the quilt “Drunken Baskets.” It was frayed around the edges, but for $5 I wanted to save it from being sent to Goodwill or being used as a picnic rug.

drunken basket quilt on bed with cat

The Drunken Baskets quilt on my bed. Note in the part that is hanging down the side of the bed, there’s one basket block turned on its side.

 (post by Virginia Allain)

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