J is for Just Shopping

The Sepia Saturday inspiration photo shows a shop and an automobile filled with a happy family. My match for that is my mother and her cousins in Teterville, Kansas, at the grocery store.  It looks to be about the same era.

There’s a vast difference between the urban shop in Europe or England and the one in rural Kansas. Let’s learn more about my mother, Gail Lee McGhee, at this time in her life.

Here’s a better view of the grocery store in Teterville. It was actually called The Moore Store. Her father worked in the oil industry and Teterville was an oil boomtown in the 1920s and early 1930s. Many of Gail’s uncles on both sides of the family (Vinings and McGhees) were there working as well.

teterville store photo from eureka museum

Photo from the Eureka Museum of the Moore’s Store in Teterville, Kansas (maybe 1950s)

Scott Store, Velva Ruth, viola, LaVerne Redlinger & cousins

Scott Store – Velva Ruth, Viola, LaVerne Redlinger & cousins

I’d thought of this photo as being in Teterville and perhaps it was the store before the Moore’s took it on. Now, I’m not actually sure of that.

My memory is that these girls are cousins of my mother. Velva Ruth and Viola Bolte (parents: Charles Edwin Bolte and Lucy Vining) were first cousins of Gail McGhee. I can’t fit LaVerne Redllinger onto the family tree and have no names for the others.

I believe the smallest girl standing in front is my mother, Gail McGhee.

gail and model a 1927, teterville
Thank you, Mom, for labeling the photo. Here’s the actual ID then. The dark-haired person sitting on the car is Gail’s mother, Ruth (Vining) McGhee. If the person in the car is a boy cousin, then it’s likely to be Velva Ruth and Viola’s brothers. So they could be Everett Henry (born 1905), Alonzo LeRoy (born 1908), or Forrest Edward (born 1912).

The 1927 refers to the year of the car, not to the year of the photo. My mother would only have been 3 years old in 1927.


10 thoughts on “J is for Just Shopping

  1. What? A labeled photo?? What a concept! That is a great-looking store. My great-grandparents and grandparents owned a store that looked somewhat like yours. I have an enlarged/matted/framed photo of my grandmother working behind the counter. It is interesting to see what was for sale.


  2. Wonderful photos and a perfect fit for the prompt matching both store and car! Labeled pictures are great if they are labeled at or near the time they are taken. My Mom put off labeling pictures for several years and then couldn’t always remember when they were taken. I have found several mistakes in the years she wrote down. Still, it was great the people in the photos are identified correctly even if the year isn’t.


  3. I inherited some photos that were mislabeled for years. At least there were clues from having lived in certain places in certain years in my life. The ones before me, sometimes without any clue to who or where. But I love any of the old ones I can figure out. Thanks for a very nice collection here.


  4. Love a car with a great running board! Wonderful photos. I especially like the photo with the ‘Drink Coca Cola’ display. Frame it and a collector would love it.


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