Unique Gardening

Gail Martin liked to make use of found things and not have anything go to waste. I saved up some clips of unique garden containers that I think would have appealed to her. I’ll share them here and maybe they will inspire you to rummage out something different for a planter this spring.

screenshot fairy garden containers unique

Going one step further, these tubs, boxes and converted items aren’t just planted with miscellaneous flowers, they are planted with miniature scenes. They call these fairy gardens. I’m sure that Gail would have loved the concept and would have started her grandchildren on such a project.

I’ve tried it a little but mine are not as elaborate as the scenes I found on Pinterest. I made my fairy garden from two discarded lamp shades. They were heavy plastic so I hated to just toss them but the lamp died.

This was my first attempt. Tell me about some unique planters you’ve created or think that you might try. 2016-08-15 007

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