V is for Vintage Library

Every Saturday, I check the Sepia Saturday blog challenge. It inspires me to look for a photo in my family album that is a good match for their photo. This time, they featured a lovely old library. Below my photo, you’ll see the Sepia Saturday one.

wakefield library - writing class in black and white

Wakefield Public Library – NH

sepia saturday apr 25

Some years ago, I took a week-long writing class in the New Hampshire village of Wakefield. Some of the sessions were held in the wonderfully old library there.  It was a magical place with a balcony, a domed ceiling, a fireplace, and shelves filled with century-old books.

Here are my photos in a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I regret that I never got to show it to my mother, Gail Lee Martin. She would have loved exploring it and all the old books in the collection.

14 thoughts on “V is for Vintage Library

  1. What a gorgeous library! I love when there is a mezzanine level that can be seen from the ground floor — always so enticing to see the books lined up, beckoning readers up the wooden stairs. And thanks for your visit to my Blogiversary post!


  2. Agreed – beautiful library! I am curious about what types of writing you did, whether it was geared to Family History or creative writing or something else.


    • I’ve been working on family history mostly with the intent of self-publishing some books for the family with the stories. I also write online for Hubpages about all sorts of topics (gardening, Civil War, travel, etc.)


  3. Perfect! The unusual perspective made me think it was taken by a drone! The old libraries are the best. Did it still have a card file?


  4. Beautiful. I’m sorry I’ve only just discovered that you have been participating in the Challenge. I look forward to returning and catching up.
    Love the old library photos. Did you see the exhibit of paintings of libraries in Maine a couple of years back? Here is a link to it: https://mainetoday.com/maine_art/art-exhibits/painter-alison-rector-celebrates-beauty-maines-libraries/
    Do you find that you still want to show things to your mother, or tell her about an accomplishment of yours? I do.


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