Xanthous sounds like a drug that your doctor might prescribe. Relax, it is just the name for a color. It’s a strong yellow that you would see in an egg yolk. To me, that description isn’t really helpful as egg yolks can be a deep yellow but sometimes more of an orangey-yellow. It depends on what the chicken has been eating.

happy egg pixabay

My folks (Gail and Clyde Martin) usually had oatmeal for breakfast in their later years as a hearty and healthy start for their day. Mom couldn’t resist eggs and bacon on occasion. She got her eggs from someone who bought bread from them rather than from a supermarket. You can’t beat eggs from free-range chickens.

Her preference was to fry the eggs in her black cast iron frying pan, sunny side up. If she didn’t have bacon in the fridge, she usually had some drippings saved in a cup on the back of the stove. Some of that went into the skillet and when it was sizzling, she broke the egg into the grease.

As the white of the egg started to set, she would use her metal spatula to flip some hot bacon oil onto the top of the egg. This left the center of the egg soft but lightly cooked on top. This was served with a slice of toast which was useful for mopping up the egg yolk that ran all over the plate.

They ate their breakfast at the small table in the kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen

Gail and Clyde’s kitchen window – perfect for observing the neighbors.

6 thoughts on “X is for XANTHOUS

  1. I remember my mother-in-law showing me that method but I shuddered for two reasons. I had an aversion to dripping and also runny egg. Flipping the egg over was the only way I could eat it.


  2. Mouth-watering description of the egg-frying and lovely photo of your parents’ kitchen and kitchen table. Was that an oilskin tablecloth? I agree about flipping some of the fat on top of the egg as it is frying.
    I had no idea that Xanthous referred to a color.


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