Their First Farmer’s Market

The challenge photo (below) shows a small table in a parking lot. I’m not sure what the occasion was but three fellows were enjoying a drink in the Sepia Saturday Challenge picture. My photo is in color, not sepia, but is relatively vintage being over 30 years old.

In my picture, Gail and Clyde Martin set up their display for the Fort Scott farmer’s market. A brave show of sunflowers from their garden would have drawn customers over to the table. There were cucumbers, okra for 50 cents, cherry tomatoes, and more.

This was one of their early forays into selling the over-abundance from their garden. Actually, that should read “gardens” as they maintained a huge garden in the lot adjacent to their home in El Dorado, and a smaller one at their getaway place in Prescott.

Photos of the Martin’s Garden in Prescott, Kansas

They originally got the little house in Prescott after spending many summer weekends in their trailer that they fixed up. The object of getting away from their home in El Dorado was to fish at Sugar Valley Lakes where they had a lot for their little trailer. It also served to put Clyde out-of-range for being called in to work on weekends for his job as tool pusher in the oilfield.

sugar valley camp rv 1984

Camping at the Sugar Valley Lakes lot in Linn County. They bought the lot in 1984.

After he retired, they decided to spend more time away from El Dorado which was larger than the small-towns where they grew up. Prescott had that slower-paced, friendly neighbor lifestyle that felt comfortable to them. They fished and gardened and fixed up the little house. Happy Times!

4 thoughts on “Their First Farmer’s Market

  1. They look so relaxed & peaceful sitting outside their little trailer under the awning. Neat they could own a lot to simply place their trailer on – getting away from it all without having to go through the hassle of making reservations!


  2. HA – I thought that compost heap was a little hut with a mossy roof. This is a sweet story. it seems Clyde and Gail lived a really simple and comfortable life.


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