No Prize-Winning Cars

The cars from my childhood were not prize winners by any stretch of the imagination. Those old used cars were not old enough to be vintage for a car show. Dad was handy mechanically and taught himself to patch together the engines enough to keep them going. A fancy car wasn’t possible on an oilfield worker’s budget in the 1950s and 1960s.

Sue and me_Oct 1950

Gail Martin and daughter Susan – dated 1950 – Madison, Kansas

Below are a few more from around the early to mid-1960s. The first shows me (Ginger) with Cindy, Susan, and Karen standing by our car. I thought this might have been when we were living in El Dorado, Kansas.

ginger childhood

Old car and the Martin sisters – March 1959

Is this the next photo of the same car? Maybe not, as it has a silver panel in front of the rear wheels. The picture is dated 1965 and our little sister Shannon is sitting on the hood. I’m always a little leary of trusting the date on a photo. Sometimes a roll of film might sit in the camera for months until we finished it or could afford to get it developed.

little shannon on car - march 1965

Shannon Martin – March 1965

It seems we didn’t take many photos of our cars, because I’m sure at one point we had a really big station wagon suitable for stuffing six children in plus a big load of groceries. There also was a Studebaker that was quite an odd-looking car.

Fast forward to 1972 and I’m finished with college and the folks helped me move to Northern Ohio for my first job. Apparently, Dad was into Ramblers at this time. He’s standing by the station wagon loaded with all my worldly possessions. To my right is the light green Rambler that he had fixed up for my use at college.

Clyde Martin and ginger and nash rambler

Clyde Martin and daughter, Ginger and two Rambler cars. 1972

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgia tour through our family autos. The inspiration for it was the Sepia Saturday prompt for this week. You can visit their site to see what other bloggers posted on the same topic.
Sepia Saturday 521 23 May 2020

9 thoughts on “No Prize-Winning Cars

  1. Funny the cars we grew up with and those we owned as we raised our own families tend to mean so much. Then again, they were an integral part of our lives – getting us where we needed to go, or just taking us for a nice ride on a lovely sunny day to a picnic, or someplace special. So it’s really no surprise they mean so much in memory!


  2. It’s interesting to see so many similar photos this weekend that show elements of automotive design that have disappeared for modern cars. Curves, chrome, running boards, vent windows, bumpers, radio attennas, etc. But families today still pose for a picture next to the SUV or the minivan.


  3. It’s interesting to read how important cars have been in people’s lives. We didn’t own one at all until I was 20 so it seems strange to me…though my experience will seem strange to you no doubt.


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