By the Window

I searched our family photo album for a vintage photo of a woman by a window. That was the challenge for this Sepia Saturday. As you can see the challenge photo shows multi-paned windows with a woman wearing a sweater.

My photos show my great-aunt Bertha McGhee at two points in her life. The photo of Bertha in a black dress. I believe this picture was taken in Baldwin, Kansas. It might be the 1930s.

The photo of Bertha by a large window is from the church in Hope, Alaska, that she helped start. That photo could be anytime from the 1940s or 1950s.

10 thoughts on “By the Window

  1. The photo of Bertha silhouetted against the church window is marvelous. My grandmother’s name was Bertha – Bertha Louise – but she preferred Louise. I also ‘go’ by my middle name, though my first name, Shirley, is a nice name. I always thought I was named after my Aunt Shirley – my Mom’s brother’s wife – until I found out my uncle hadn’t even met his future wife till after I was born. Mom just admired the name Shirley for some reason. Oh well.

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  2. That photo of Bertha in the church could be a painting. The trees framed in the window. I’m dying to know what the church was made of; stone? Now I will have to go and google it ! I’m kind of worried about the gaps next to the window given that its in Alaska! Ooh we all seem to like that photo. How interesting.


  3. I wonder what is going on in the photo of Bertha McGhee in Hope, Alaska? The book looks to be a bible, at first glance I thought she was watching someone sign the marriage register but now I’m not so sure. An interesting photo of what looks like a very devote. this photo seems to tell suggest a lot about Bertha. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Wow, Kansas to Alaska! Excellent photos of Bertha’s younger, hopeful self in Kansas and older, accomplished self in Alaska — the framing on the later photo looking almost like a carefully created painting.


  5. I agree with other comments…the posed photo by the log window with “church” artifacts is an excellent portrait that represents her achievements. And the more casual one where her coat has been thrown over the railing gives a glimpse of her personality.


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