Dog Days

The Sepia Saturday Photo Challenge this week featured a shaggy Old English Sheepdog. Our family album yielded a variety of dogs and even a young coyote. Since I’ve written about most of these before, I’ll be brief this time.

I wish I knew more about the photo of Gail Lee McGhee holding a coyote pup. It looks like the photo is from her teen years and that’s her little sister, barefooted Carol Jean, with her. The soil looks sandy and dry. In the distance, there’s an oil tank or perhaps a grain storage bin. Maybe they went with their dad while he was working one day.

Bushton, Kansas has only a few hundred residents these days. Probably there are still coyotes about that rural area. The coyote appears to be someone’s pet as it has a harness on and he seems comfortable being around people.

Unknown Man With A Large Dog On His Head (Sepia Saturday 525)


Our Family Dog Stories

3 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. Love the coyote photo! I had a colleague who had a wolf pup as a child that her family found wandering and raised like a dog. It wasn’t until they took the “dog” to the vet that they were informed of their error. 🙂


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