Farmer’s Market Time Again

Nineteen Years Ago Today:

On June 23, 2001, Mom writes: “Today was are at our first Farmers Market for the year as most of you know. We were blown away with customers. Our 2-table spread did look good if I do say so. Clyde baked 20 loaves of his great breads (he has 5 bread machines

jelly at the farmer's market

Gail and Clyde Martin with their jams and jellies at the farmer’s market.

We had the new red potatoes, Susan’s broccoli, our zucchini, greens,
beets, and turnips. We had a display of jellies, applesauce and turnip kraut
on a 3-tiered shelf that Owen made me. Plus the black walnut nutmeats. If
we kept up with the record-keeping we sold $251.50 worth of goodies.

Then at 1pm we came home and flopped for awhile. This was our biggest day since
we started doing this about 10 years ago. Saw so many of our friends from
last year, it was almost like a family reunion. Now we have to get ready
for the next market on Tuesday morning. Love to all. I just had to share the
good news. Gail”

Clyde and Gail Martin Farmers Market money

Gail Lee Martin shows off their hard-earned rewards for participating in the farmer’s market.

Some Background on This Email

It was a tremendous amount of work for two people in their late 70s to participate in the twice-weekly market. They loved it. The attention they received from people praising their jams, breads, and vegetables far outweighed the amount of effort it took to grow or make those and to load them and their tent onto the pickup twice a week.

Setting up their booth and interacting with customers in the hot Kansas summers was indeed hard work. The extra money they made each week supplemented their Social Security income. Being frugal children of Depression-era meant living a frugal lifestyle even sixty years later.

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