Vintage Picnic

The Sepia Saturday challenge has me looking for photos of long-ago picnics. The oldest pictures from the album don’t show the actual picnic but some of the camaraderie of that day in 1916. The McGhee and Vining families traveled on the 4th of July to Hayrick Mound, a scenic spot just across the border into Oklahoma.

After these photos were taken showing the young ladies climbing the rocky hill and grouping themselves in a scenic manner, there were some playful games that ended in disaster. Thirteen-year-old Bertha McGhee fell awkwardly and it was feared that her neck or back was broken.

I don’t mean to be a tease, but the rest of the story and all the details are covered at Picnic at Hayrick Mound.

Our family often gathered with relatives for picnics, so I’ll share a sampling of those in a slideshow. Often, these involved multiple generations. There is potato salad, fried chicken, and deviled eggs and other yummy foods to eat. The children run about playing with cousins and wearing themselves out while the adults chat and catch up on the family news. At some point, people line up for group photos to commemorate the occasion.

In the last 40 years, I’ve seldom been in Kansas at the right times for the reunions at the park or lake. Instead, we get together with old friends or neighbors for our picnics. This 4th of July, ours will be a two-person picnic on our patio safely away from other people. Here’s wishing that next year will be better for everyone.

Slideshow of Martin, McGhee, or Allain Picnics

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5 thoughts on “Vintage Picnic

  1. My family went on a lot of picnics. Sometimes just us and at other times with extended family. We especially loved the beach and the local court parks.
    Sometimes after working all day, my day would come home from work and Mom would pack up dinner from the stove & wed head out to a picnic.
    Great memories of great times.


  2. Nice slide show of family picnics! Every summer at the agreed upon time, we have an informal family reunion at our favorite lake for anyone who can make it. Sometimes we have just a few, sometimes we have quite a crowd. Some camp, some stay in motels, some rent cabins. This year there may not be anyone there. We won’t be there. Just too risky with the virus still floating around, plus it will be very different what with some of the resorts and favorite restaurants closed. Sure hope by next summer we’ll be back to some kind of normal. Interesting story about Berths and her fall. What a shame the injury plagued her for the rest of her life – one way and another.


    • Lovely family memories and the 1920s photogrpahs match the prompt perfectly. Picnics here have to be fairly spontaneous as the weather is so unpredictably. I remember going regularly with my parents in the 1950s to a favourite spot by a river to play and picnic, but we have no similar photographs at all with our daughter. on a picnic. .


  3. How interesting about the picnics, and I loved your slide show. I had to go read about Bertha’s fall, and I’m so sorry she was injured while quite young. We did picnics when I was younger, but by the late 50s a barbecue grill in the back yard was our favorite way of eating al fresca.


  4. Such festive photos of your family’s many picnics! My family has again taken to picnics, because outdoors is safer than inside these days. Why is it that that meat and veg on the grill seem to taste so much better than their kitchen-prepared counterparts?


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