Apples from Oregon

Sometimes I go off on tangents in researching our family history. I imagine Mom (Gail Martin) must have been more disciplined to track down all the information she collected. So today, I’m hunting for vintage apple labels, the kind you see on fruit crates.

My inspiration came from the Sepia Saturday Blog Challenge where they shared a colorful fruit crate label. It started me searching for Oregon apples, particularly apple labels from Imbler, Oregon when my dad’s great-uncle Frank Martin lived.

I knew Frank grew apples because he made train trips in the 1920s to Kansas to sell the apples (and visit his family). Unfortunately, my search failed to find an apple crate label for Imbler, so I just settled for one from Oregon.
Frank Martin - takes train carload of apples to KSFrank Martin – takes train carload of apples to KS Fri, Dec 26, 1924 – 5 · The Hamilton Herald, The Climax Chronicle, The Virgil Visitor, The Quincy Quill, and The Neal News (Madison, Kansas) ·

Frank’s actual name was Francis Marion Martin. He had a long life and even participated in the Oklahoma Land Rush before he ended up in Oregon.

6 thoughts on “Apples from Oregon

  1. Excellent apple crate illustration — and I love the way you tied the apples into your family history. Also like the odd lettering in the article, clearly printed on the old metal news presses, which adds to its allure.

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  2. Fun to be able to match a prompt picture to a relative’s line of work in such a delicious way. 🙂 I wonder what sort of apples he grew? Sweet? Tart? I like all apples, but my favorite are the tarts.


  3. Like Wendy, I’m impressed by 18,000 boxes. Not just the huge quantity of apples, but of the lumber needed to make the boxes. And assuming there were labels on two ends of a box, 36,000 fruit prints to paste onto every box!


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