It’s Not Junk

I joined a Facebook group that has great ideas for re-purposing thrift store finds and rescued junk. Although I’m supposed to be paring down our stuff, I love seeing what people are doing to keep things useful. I restrain myself from bringing home “curb finds” but do find ways to reuse something I’d otherwise toss out.

Keeping stuff out of the landfill is something I learned from Mom and Dad. They grew up on the motto, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” During the Great Depression years of their childhood and the WWII years of their early adult years, being thrifty was pretty much ingrained in their lives.

When a cheaply made floor lamp died, I had little interest in having it rewired. I did salvage the two frosted-glass shades with a project in mind. It was going to become a fairy garden.

Assembling a Fairy Garden from Lamp Parts

I had some potting soil and the shades already had a hole in each (where the bulb was) so that worked for drainage. I gathered up some ferns and moss from the wooded part of our yard. The flower is a cutting from an annual plant and I dipped it in rooting powder to help it start roots.

I assembled these in the two globes and added a rock for an accent. There were some hen and chicks in my flower bed, so I put two of those in as well.

2016-08-15 0062016-08-15 008

The perfect place for this was a shady spot on an old stump that I wanted to minimize. The fairy figure came from Amazon. I have four different ones and I place them around the yard in the summer.

It was an easy project.

One thought on “It’s Not Junk

  1. I love your fairy garden! I save everything too and got a garden bench that needed painting from the land fill. Hubby repainted it white with pink trim for our GG daughter’s little garden. Thanks for link to the FB group, I just joined!


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