Christmas in July

When you see the phrase “Christmas in July,” you usually think of merchants trying to drum up some business during a slow time. I’m not encouraging anyone to head out shopping during a pandemic. Instead, I have an idea for some crafty Christmas projects that you can do at home with supplies that you probably already have on hand.

ancestor ornament cj

(REMINDER: do not cut up original photos, make a copy) My aunt Carol and her cousin Barbara.

Now’s the time to create some special ornaments for your Christmas tree while you keep occupied during those too hot July days. As you know, I inherited an interest in family history from my mother. She would have liked this idea of putting copies of your vintage family photos on the holiday tree.

Harlan, kennedy, ancestors collage cutouts

These photos are too large to put on an ornament. Instead, glue the copies (not the original) onto a stiff backing. Then nestle them into the branches of the tree.

The example below is a copy glued onto a stiff backing (recycle the gold back from your old Christmas cards). Ribbon or yarn is all you need for a hanger. Write out a little about the people in the picture and add that to the back. At the very least, put their names, dates, and relationship.

Harlan glue ornament christmas

I have more ideas for decorating your Family History Christmas tree on an article on Hubpages. What do you think? Will there be ancestors on your tree in December?

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